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Research team

Dipl. Rest. Sabine Bianka Krause

Cologne University of Applied Sciences
Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences
Ubierring 40, D-50678 Köln, Germany



Sabine Bianka Krause is professional conservator at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (CUAS) where she received her diploma in 2010. She is currently doing her Master thesis on the paintings of Wadi Sura with special focus on documentation and digital mapping techniques.
After having completed an apprenticeship as stucco plasterer in Berlin (1994–1997), she took part in the Berlin town council initiative ‘European Year of Youth’ to improve levels of conservation techniques at the professional school at Spandau/Berlin, and was granted a one year internship in Reggio Emilia, Italy. From 1998 until 2004 she worked as freelance restorer and decorator on paintings, plasters and stone in the Emilia Romagna, Italy. In 2004 she started studying conservation sciences of stone objects and wall paintings at CUAS. She also participated in various conservation projects: The CUAS and Tübingen University DFG mission in the temple of Athribis, Egypt (2006–2009); the CUAS EU project at the world heritage site of Brühl castle, Germany (2006–2008); the Hildesheim University of Applied Sciences and Arts and Hessian State Department for Cultural Heritage project at Renaissance paintings of the Brömserhof Rüdesheim, Germany (since 2008).